My ideal clients – I want you to find me!

The best photos come from collaboration – what do you need from me?

How do we make the magic happen together?


Wedding Photography

I am all about embracing real, authentic moments with my clients but there are always interludes of directive portraiture.

When it comes to Wedding Bridal Shoots, to say you are just a candid photographer quite frankly is bollocks!

Adventurous Auckland Wedding Photographer

Not many people would jump onto that ledge, stop in the middle of the road, or shelter from the hot sun in a bus stop just on their own accord. When I see cool things I tell you – sometimes a little excitedly…

It is upto me to share my vision and let you decide if it works for you! 

Funny Wedding Photos, Stories by Bianca, Auckland Wedding Photographer

AND YES – I am always down for funny photos, I just cringe when I get sent a list of pinterest shots to copy. I don’t like copying another artists work.

Let’s just go with the flow and let your personalities shine, so in 30 years you can look back on your photos of your Wedding day and laugh!

Funny Wedding Photos

I am more than just a photographer – I am the person you will spend most of your day with, who will document it from the inside out. The raw, the real and everything in between.

The pride, joy and tears I saw in Jessica’s fathers eyes bought me to tears.. tiny ones I had to hide behind my camera with. This series was only 5mins of the day and was full of emotion!

First Look with Father of the Bride

I am a firm believer that team work, makes the dream work – yes I love a corny catch phrase or three.

So choose me if you like my work and choose me as your Wedding Photographer if you want to have fun with someone who has got your back.


My ideal clients are couples who are into making magic, taking (calculated) risks, who are real people doing this real love stuff!

Your Wedding Day is going to go so fast, you need to know you can trust me to do the job you chose me for.

If you are my clients… I’ve got your back – like an Anorak

x Bianca aka The Camerazonian x

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