Your Wedding Day Timeline laid out by a Wedding Photographer who likes to keep it real!



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Me – being professional and laying down the law! *with a smile*


So, you have found the person you want to marry… the place you want to say your “I DO’s” and now you are set with the task of working out how to string it all together. A Wedding Day Timeline is one of the easiest ways to start organizing yourself, I know as a Wedding Photographer (and a Bride back in Nov 2017) – the key factors to keep in mind which worked for me, which may work for you!


Have a first look.

This way you can smash out your bridal portraits and photos with your team without having to leave guests for over an hour after your ceremony

You also don’t miss out on the canapes/grazing table or any of the cool games and stuff hanging with people before dinner!


Sadies Table, Grazing Table, Auckland Grazing Table

*Beautiful spread by Sadies Table*

Your makeup and hair looks bomb before the ceremony tears, wind etc… and if you have kids, please – get the photos with them first.

If you still have that hour, you can just go out for photos as newly married and ALONE after the ceremony and after dinner and have some chill time – which I am always encouraging couples to do!


Do a site visit where possible at the same time you are wanting your Ceremony.

I always say after 4pm unless you have loads of shade, even in Summer the sun is still high in the sky at this time – making it SUPER bright and squinty for photos. So if you visit in winter, or it is an overcast day this doesn’t really help.

In the heat of summer 30mins in an unshaded area can be torture when your lovely guests can be sitting waiting for you before the ceremony as well… melting!


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*A  location where the sun has been taken into consideration for a styled shoot at 4pm (Boutique Barn)*


Make Dinner at dinner time – it is pretty simple really, and if you are not doing a sit down dinner the sky is the limit!

630/7pm for dinner still gives you loads of time with your guests and plenty of time for photos as long as your ceremony isn’t over 30mins.

If you have kids attending, no little people are flipping their switch because of hunger pains, stressing out their parents!


Trials, Run throughs and preparation is the key

Have a hair and makeup trial and multiply that by how many people are getting their face and hair done, you will also have an idea of whether you need more than one Hair and Makeup Artist.

Have a Couples Session with your photographer (If you book with me, it is complimentary – shameless plug haha) this shows you how long photos take, walking round, having lots of fun and laughs takes time – an hour really isn’t long.


Seb Makeup

*Seb Makeup on the job!*


Run through your ceremony with your celebrant ( I used Laura and loooove her) , because unless you have done this before it doesn’t just come naturally, she walks you through it all.

It also means you can keep a track of how long it will actually take…from walking in to walking out, count the hiccups too… we need to be prepared for anything so better to be safe than sorry!


ALWAYS have extra time up your sleeve

This is a biggie, I always see couples trying to cram things in – and it is not a good idea. I have had a few couples who have less than 20mins together for photos because their timeline has not gone to plan and they regret not taking my advice.

I also end up suffering as I am trying to do what I need an hour for, in less than half an hour! But I will always make it work.

If you are traveling from one spot to another, take into account you don’t know what impact traffic or weather will have on timings too.

I always suggest an extra ten mins on either side of major events – as a safety precaution!

Thanks for listening, I hope even if you take one thing away from reading this…it helps you a little.


Arohanui, Bianca #camerazonian