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Bianca – The Photographer.

My style has been described as creative, organic and fun – which is me in a nutshell, freckles and all.

As an artist I have painted, sculpted, drawn and photographed life and I always come back to my camera. Nature is my studio and where I feel at peace. I love to encourage couples and families to have an adventure outside with me and my camera – let’s find somewhere new! I remember when I first used a camera – my grandfather (a photographer many moons ago) very cautiously walked me through holding the camera – I was not quite 5. Opening the envelope of photographs a week or so later with him was like MAGIC! This is when I learnt Photography is essentially the ability to time travel and I have been obsessed ever since.

Bianca – The Mermaid + Bird Whisperer.

I’ve always been a bit of a wild child and a free thinker – dancing to the beat of my own heart/drum.

I love the barefoot life, the earth between my toes and the feeling of the salty sea in my hair. I have never lived far from the ocean. Growing up we moved and travelled a lot – from our family home in Mt Albert Rd, to the Jungles of Papua and onto exploring the beaches of beautiful Lombok. I have spent my life time soaking in the history of each place I have visited or lived in and the culture and values of the people I have met – these opportunities to connect and explore have shaped me into the (very tall) woman I am today.  My own epic adventure has landed me here in Waitakere with my amazing husband and our two crazy kids. Our home is full of DIY projects and fostered animals – and one grumpy old grandad cat – Kaos aka Fatty Booms.  


Favs: Black Jeans. Native Birds. Coffee. Old Cars. Baby Animals. Tattoos. Caramel everything. Flowers. Kicks.