My style has been described as creative, organic and fun – which is me in a nutshell, freckles and all.

As an artist I have painted, sculpted, drawn and photographed life and I always come back to my camera.

Nature is my studio and where I feel most at peace.

I love the barefoot life, the earth between my toes and the feeling of the salty sea in my hair. Nothing beats fresh air, absorbing natures power and waves!

Music lifts my soul and is a source of inspiration for my work and day to day life.

I feel connected to moments with music. A song, similar to a photograph has the power to take you somewhere familiar. I am the lady in her car performing (not singing) at the lights – it is captivating and terrifying at the same time.

My family and my friends are one in the same, I love to share good times with good people.

I am raising two crazy funny kids with my husband – in between the madness of wrangling a house full of animals, gardens and DIY projects, we love to be outdoors running around as much as a night on the couch with a movie!

Sucker for: Jandals. Caramel Anything. Black Jeans. Tattoos. Sleep-ins. Espresso Martinis. Cheese. Baby Animals.